The board of directors of the AMLC have a profound and extensive knowledge of music publishing, mechanical license administration, big data, mapping and matching technology, payment processing, copyright ownership identification, conflict resolution, education, law, songwriting, architecture of technology systems and more.

  • We are songwriters, artist, music publishers, musician, composers and technologists

  • We have an extensive track record of getting things done properly and on time

  • We have a history of working for the entire spectrum of music publishers and songwriters globally. 

  • We include representation of song owners from territories outside the United States whose songs are available on U.S. streaming services. 

  • We believe all song owners, from the kid in their bedroom, to the major music publishers, should be paid what they have earned. 

  • We get song owners paid.

And we want to work for you.



Two of the founders of this 3500+ member pure voice for composers, songwriters, performers, and producers will serve in this role.

ready to get on board?